DispatchPlus for Seamless Security Guard Management

An exemplary security guard management system is pivotal to the success and continuation of any security firm. For a business rooted in a foundation of protection—of assigned locations and the resources and assets within them—operations must be highly coordinated, comprehensive, and reliable. DispatchPlus by pdvWireless integrates state-of-the-art GPS technology with user-friendly and intuitive MOTORTRBO two-way radios and smart phones, providing all the essentials for your security enterprise.

Incident Reporting, Security Guard Dispatching, and More

GPS Guard Tracking for Quality Control and Real-Time Monitoring

Security businesses rely on quick thinking and the proper tools to communicate effectively in order to be most efficient. With GPS-based security guard tracking software, your company will have real-time monitoring of employee movements, allowing for a more successful operation—whether carried out within one location or spread across multiple sites. Automatic alerts give management the ability to monitor when a guard arrives or departs the site.  Management can also see what time an employee made their rounds with GPS and time stamped location tracking.

Push-to-Talk for Efficient Deployment and Tactical Responses

Instant communication leads to coordinated and simple responses that help build a client’s confidence in your security business. With instant talk and messaging capabilities, DispatchPlus has the option for private talk or the ability to speak with your entire team. Management can identify an individual security guard’s messages or they can view their entire team’s daily activities. They instantly receive critical updates to allow for the immediate dispatch of resources without delay.

Instant Status Updates to Optimize Performance Measures

Setting up instant reporting and automated status updates allow security firms to effortlessly boost efficiency by cutting down unnecessary call volume. Security guards, office personnel, and dispatch will not need to waste time and resources with cumbersome check-in procedures and status reports. Continuous tabulation of real-time data also allows simultaneous analysis of trends, proficiencies, and deficiencies so that you can continue to better your operation.

Emergency Alerts for Expedited Response Times

The very nature of security work demands comprehensive safety measures and protocols for mobile personnel, who are often lone workers. If a security guard is immobilized or injured, a few moments may be crucial. Intuitive technology in DispatchPlus allows them to notify key personnel at the touch of a button, relaying crucial messages in a matter of seconds. Dispatch and management can then initiate emergency measures immediately.

Security Guard Tracking for Successful Operations

To stay competitive, efficient, and reliable, any security firm must have reliable methods to track personnel, improve efficiency, and ensure the safety of its guards. By integrating the very best in GPS tracking, dispatch software, and intuitive alerts, DispatchPlus provides everything you need for a successful security guard management system.

Contact pdvWireless today to find out how you can make DispatchPlus part of the arsenal of your security business, and see how DispatchPlus can make your company an exemplar in the industry.