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    Bringing the transformative power of 900 MHz private broadband to utilities.

We are now Anterix and we are building the foundation for smart infrastructure, smart cities and smart communities

We are focused on delivering transformative broadband that enables the modernization of critical infrastructure for energy, transportation, logistics and others. At Anterix, we are uniquely positioned to enable the solutions that support secure, resilient and customer‑controlled operations.


Safe. Resilient.


Industrial-Grade Solutions for Critical Infrastructure Industries and Enterprise Verticals

Our mission is to provide transformative broadband solutions for critical infrastructure industries and enterprises including next-generation communications platforms. We support digital transformations, infrastructure modernization, and cybersecurity strategies that will establish the new standard for performance and safety. Leveraging Anterix solutions, critical infrastructure customers can tackle their most impactful opportunities, unlocking applications from analytics to automation to edge monitoring and artificial intelligence. Together with Anterix, customers can build solutions that will scale and evolve with business needs.

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Around New York

POLITICO New York Energy
March 11, 2020

NYPA filed a request with the Federal Communications Commission to establish a private LTE network using spectrum from Anterix.

NYPA extends private LTE network request, highlighting growth in private network opportunities

Business Insider
March 9, 2020

The New York Power Authority (NYPA) filed a request with the Federal Communications Commission to establish a private LTE network using spectrum from Anterix, highlighting one of three predominant vendor models in the growing field.

New York’s utility to test private LTE network with several vendors

March 5, 2020

The New York Power Authority (NYPA), the nation’s largest state-owned power utility, is about to begin testing a massive private LTE network that it hopes to use for applications ranging from energy metering to flying inspection drones.

Black Skies and Blue in 2020: Supporting Growth While Preparing for Disaster

Energy Central
January 29, 2020

The downside of annually predicting trends is that the exercise inevitably tempts you look back and evaluate the accuracy of last year’s forecast. My January 2019 “Predictions and Trends” post focused on our industry’s increasing collection, use, and protection of data in support of utility modernization—and the role of private broadband networks in moving that data. That trend did indeed accelerate in 2019, and it will continue for the foreseeable future.


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