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Life at Anterix

We enjoy an environment that is high-energy, focused and informative. Our employees work hard, but also have an opportunity to celebrate and have fun. As a growing start-up company, our plans are to have a series of employee and community events to enjoy and share. Business goals and objectives are shared at our employee meetings.

Our core values

Go after new ideas that have the potential to change the game for our customers and our business.

Be genuine, open and approachable with our business partners, customers and each other.

Put our heart and mind into everything we do. Demonstrate a sense of urgency and responsibility.

Be nimble…embrace and drive change aimed at enhancing productivity and achieving long term ROI.

Take initiative, assume responsibility for actions. Create an environment that empowers employees to lead and make decisions. We take care of the company and customers as owners.

Focus on clarity, efficiency and create value as a result.

Our sum is greater than our parts. Rely on and help your coworker.