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LTE Communications Shown to Support Grid Through Critical Event

Anterix and NREL’s study on Private LTE Communications was featured in the Energy Systems Integration Facility’s (ESIF’S) 2019 book documenting their Grid Modernization Initiative.

Navigant Executive Briefing: Utility C-Suite Private LTE

Private LTE Wireless Networks are Required to Address Cybersecurity Threats, Grid Modernization and National Disasters

Private LTE Broadband Changes The Game For Utilities

Utility-grade broadband requires private networks. Wireless broadband networks require spectrum, infrastructure, and technology. Spectrum in the 900 MHz band is perfect for utility broadband.

Navigant Whitepaper: The Urgent Need for a Licensed Broadband Spectrum Allocation for Critical Infrastructure

Why the Utility Industry and Regulators Must Come Together in Support of Interoperable, Future-Proof Smart Grid Networks.

Why Do Utilities Need Private Broadband Networks and Licensed Spectrum?

Commercial networks are designed to meet a particular business model focused on serving the mass market; utility networks must be more reliable and more resilient.


Rishi Baskar of Ericsson 5G and Spectrum Needs

Rishi Baskar, VP Energy & Public Sector at Ericsson, speaking to Anterix (formerly pdvWireless) about the need for spectrum to realize the massive technological advances and future proofing that 5G enables.

Tami Barron President and CEO of Southern Linc on Private LTE in Electric Utilities

Tami Barron’s video, presented at the 2019 Anterix Investor Day on how Southern Linc sees private wireless broadband networks as strategic and tactical advantages for electric utilities. In their planning, they are using 4g technology as the workhorse, with the complimentary 5g technology as a layer on top.

Private LTE policy for critical infrastructure with Pete Tseronis of Dots & Bridges

Pete Tseronis, Founder and CEO of Dots and Bridges speaking to Anterix about policies that will enable the next generation of infrastructure and utilities communications.


Podcast: Resilient Next-Gen Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS)

Anterix’s SVP of Technology, Mike Brozek, discusses our work with the DoE’s NREL in utilizing Private LTE to enable ADMS for tomorrow’s grid.